President’s Message

I came to my first PTO meeting when my eldest daughter was in Kindergarten. The promise of free baby sitting lured me in.  I had 3 year old twins in addition to my Kindergartner, and was so happy to be able to sit down for an hour and be with grown ups.  I’ve attended nearly every meeting since.  I became a member of the board the following year as the Correspondence Secretary.  I had helped the PTO set up a Facebook group page, so it was a good fit.  This past year, I became co-Presidents with Shana Belsito.  We’ve had a great year thus far, and look forward to many more events.

One thing I love about our PTO is that as an organization we value experiences over things.  Our major fundraiser for the year is our Community Fair. I think our children will remember for years to come the fun they all had at the Fair. We generate memories as well as funds.
One issue we as the PTO constantly struggle with is the need for volunteers.   There are many ways to help out, whether it be to plan an event, to work an hour at the Book Fair, or to donate a baked good.  Every little bit helps.  I would encourage everyone to sign up for something. Donating time is a great way to connect with others in our school community.

Carissa Zuniga
Shana Belsito